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Daily Digital Imaging, the pioneer in all green digital, commercial printing in the Bay Area raises the bar once again and introduces SmartGreen™ printing.

Using recycled papers to claim “environmentally friendly” is no longer sufficient! SmartGreen™ printing eliminates all the harmful elements of the off-set printing process:

  • No Toxic Chemicals or Solvents

  • No Film and Plates

  • No Water Waste

  • No Paper Waste

Working with businesses both large and small, we simply conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. When choosing DDI for your printing needs, your company participates in supporting the environment.

Recycled Paper

In addition to eliminating the off-set by-products, we are proud to use recycled content stock on our digital press. We use New Leaf’s Reincarnation Matte Coated paper @ 100% Recycled Content and Reincarnation Cast Coated @ 50% Recycled Content, both FSC Certified and manufactured in the good old USA. New Leaf also offers an Eco Audit that tracks and illustrates your resource savings in trees, water, energy, solid waste and greenhouse gasses. Request an Eco Audit the next time you print with us using Reincarnation papers.

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