9 Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer (Because Good Design IS a Great Idea!)

by Amy Weiher

Why do I need to hire a graphic designer if I can do it myself?

Because you can do something yourself does not mean you should.  Like graphic design, for example.  Sure, you have a computer with Publisher on it, and access to a library of clip art, and do yourself a favor and hire a professional graphic designer.

Here is why you may want to hire a professional:

  1. Reputation matters.  First impressions are critical.  People make decisions in 1.3 seconds or less.  Poorly designed materials give the impression your organization is amateur-ish and not to be taken seriously—no matter how great you are in reality.  If your materials do not look professional, most people will not stick around long enough to get to know the real you.
  2. Time = money. Designing that flyer yourself feels like you are saving money, does it  not?  Consider the hidden costs?  If you spend a full day trying to learn the design program, struggling to find graphics, fonts and create something original, then how much have you really spent on it?  What is your time worth?  The assumption when you do it yourself is that it will be done as well as a professional, which we all know it usually is not.  A good graphic designer can do that flyer in a fraction of the time while you are working on other more high value important tasks that you can actually do well — getting twice as much done in the same amount of time.
  3. You lack the resources. Please, do yourself a favor, and avoid using non-design professional commercial grade programs to design your materials.  Sure, they may be easy to use, and the end result generally looks unprofessional (plus, professional commercial print companies and PowerPoint do not mix.  They call it punisher for a reason).   A graphic designer has the proper software, tools, and know-how to design your materials and keep you looking legitimate and professional.
  4. You want to be unique. You could certainly use clip art or purchase a cheap logo on-line, and so can all of your competitors.  When you hire a designer, you reduce the risk of copyright issues and blending in with the crowd.  A distinct, well-crafted brand helps you stand out from the rest, and viewers will take notice.
  5. You want to avoid embarrassment. Are you ashamed to hand out your business card or print collateral?  A good designer creates materials that make you proud and that people are excited to receive.
  6. Mistakes cost money.  Chances are, you are not an expert at preparing files for print, so the file you send to the printer is likely going to have issues you did not anticipate.  This means costly adjustments or reprints that may not be in your budget.  Save your money, and hire a graphic designer to set up your files properly. You will save yourself the headache, too.
  7. Consistency is key. Different fonts and logos on every finished product looks disorganized.  It gives viewers the impression your organization does not care—and it makes you not memorable.  Every piece of content sent out into the world needs to be consistent, like a family of designs, to put your best face forward.  Give your viewers the best chance to make you memorable.
  8. Fresh eyes. Hiring a designer gives you a fresh perspective on your brand.  A professional also helps you translate your vision into a more appealing, polished piece to catch the attention of potential customers or donors.  No two people see the same thing in exactly the same way, and your graphic designer can inject some fresh ideas into the mix.
  9. Better results. Compelling marketing pieces get conversions—boring pieces go in the trash.  Good design is irresistible and encourages action, whether that is getting attendees to sign up for an event, inspiring donors to give time or money, or increasing sales.

Are you still creating your own marketing materials?  If so, shut down the Microsoft Word, and step away from the desk.  Design matters, so it is a good idea to get in touch with Daily Digital Imaging for your next project.