We’ve been “Green Certified”since 2005. You may be familiar with the old style print shop where toxic chemicals, heavy metals, wasted paper, and a great deal of polluted water were just “part of the process.”

Not anymore. Our printing equipment includes state-of-the-art digital presses and is Pantone® Certified. This means that in addition to being able to customize print jobs easily, we don’t waste paper getting the press primed. We don’t need to use toxic chemicals to clean our press, and metal plates have become a thing of the past.

This means a cleaner environment that saves you money. Gone are the days of huge minimum runs (we can print as few as 1 of anything) and press proofs that take forever to produce.

The Pantone® Color Lookup Tables are specially created sets of color data that were developed by Pantone® and the printer manufacturer. The licensing process involved mapping out and testing CMYK color combinations to create the best possible representations of Pantone® spot colors. The Pantone® licensed tables provide accurate and consistent reproduction of the Pantone® colors.

Digital printing has other advantages that can increase the return on your investment tenfold. Now you can customize your mailing campaigns; postcards, newsletters, and even presentation folders can be customized with your clients’ names, personalized images, and individual messages. This increases your open rate AND your response rate!

We also realize that you are in business to do what you do – not to manage mailing campaigns. As an additional service, we offer mailing services to compliment your print jobs. We can CASS certify your mailers and deliver them to the US postal service, saving you time and money.

Here’s the bottom line: our number one concern is your success. Whether you need a few business cards or are planning a complex marketing campaign, Daily Digital Imaging can help your business stand out as the obvious choice to your customers.

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“Where the digital rubber meets the paper road”

The Benefits of Working with Daily Digital Imaging

  • Guarantee – We guarantee your project printed with us will look exactly like your signed off press proof.
  • Accurate Color – Our press is Pantone certified and we provide you a press proof to sign off on.
  • Affordable Pricing – Give us your quote today!
  • Fast Turnaround – Your print project is yours in 3 business days from signed off press proof.
  • Short Run – We can print 1 press sheet or 101 press sheets or 5,001 press sheets.
  • On Demand – Same day printing available (ask for details).
  • Personalized Printing – Each and every printed piece can have different words or copy and different images or pictures!
  • We guarantee it! Either you are 100% satisfied or you tell us!
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