Uncertainty Begs For Communication 

With all of the shake-ups, nothing is going to go back to the way it was or ‘old normal’ vs. the ‘new normal.’ Customer, client and prospect disruption and reallocation are all but inevitable. We shall all experience a degree of cultural change because of distancing and personal protective masks. This focuses and underscores the importance of using your companies or organizations ‘thought leadership content’ to stay engaged with your customers, clients and prospects.

Use Content for (1) expanding your brand’s reach; (2) Stay top of mind with your intended target market; (3) Improve customer and client retention and customer loyalty; and last (4) Position your brand/company as a trusted service and resource provider.

People are returning to their offices, and now is the time to add print to your content marketing mix. Tangible communications provide satisfaction to the receiver according to the PEW Research Survey of 2018 and is unique from the influx of mass digital communications. Digital efforts combined with Direct mail increases response rates to 9% according to a DMA and Case Western Reserve Study whereas digital efforts alone are in the 1% to 2% response rates. Contact is a basic human need and digital provides tangibility. Implementing a consistent multi-channel customer engagement strategy utilizing useful, helpful thoughtful ‘thought leadership content’ is key in supporting your organizations sales efforts.

Just Do It! Don’t Think About It!

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