5 Reasons Why Employees Need Your Company Newsletter

According to one study, almost 60% of communicators send a printed newsletter to their employees, whether that is once a monthly or quarterly. With remote working becoming the norm now, this is one of the few ways that the company can communicate with employees without having them feel like there is another thing that they have to look at on-line. Mailed to their homes and read in their leisure time.

1. Share important company information among employees, such as new training procedures

2. Announce uplifting news about fellow employees, milestones from other parts of their lives such as anniversaries, birthdays, births, engagements and new hires to provide that personal touch, this reduces turnover which is costly to a business

3. Give your employees the chance to contribute their own voice to the organization. You can try this by creating a small column specifically for employees to give their opinions, or invite them to submit their own article ideas

4. Expand the mission of your company and provide an outlet to get your organization’s brand voice out to those who are a part of the day-to-day customer facing operations. It will also remind your employees of the great products and/or services your organization provides

5. Provide important industry information and updates that will benefit your employees and help them perform their duties better

An employee e-mail newsletter can create raving fans, engagement and be a great way to open or maintain communication. For more information about our employee newsletter services, contact us today!