The Importance of Always Having an E-mail and Print Marketing Communications Program

 As we adjust to what is the new normal, digital and print marketing become ever more vital.  Now would be a mistake to go to go dark, even if you cannot meet ‘belly to belly’ or ‘press the flesh’ with prospects and business colleagues as you may normally do.  A solid e-mail and print marketing program should be a part of your communications, no matter what is going on in the world.

E-mail and Print Marketing Keeps You Top of Mind
We have all found those prospects who are a perfect fit in every way — except they are not ready to buy just yet.  The customer buys when they are ready, willing and able.  If any of the three are missing then we have to wait until all three line up.  When you find those prospects, you may want to stay in touch via e-mail and print to create a ‘touch drip marketing campaign’ until their need becomes pressing enough to buy from you.  Nothing beats e-mail and print when it comes to touch drip marketing.

E-mail and Print Messages Are Easy to Personalize
We are talking about more than ‘Dear >>First Name<<’ though that certainly is one type of personalization.  We are talking about a more meaningful way to connect with your audience by tailoring personal communications using e-mail and print mail together to their interests.  These can be self-identified or based on past behavior.  You can do this on your website, too, though doing it with your e-mail and print marketing is easier and less complicated.  Having your e-mail, direct mail and website work together is one effective way.  Which is an excellent segue to our next point.

E-mail and Print Are Great Connectors
E-mail and print do not just connect you to your target audience.  It connects them to your products and services.   E-mail and print introduce prospects to your social media presence and vice versa, allowing you to meet them where they already are.  Well-executed e-mail and print marketing efforts drive traffic to your website, which is likely where the conversion from possibility to prospect typically occurs.  In both cases e-mail and print marketing improve your reach and your engagement.

 You Own E-mail and Print Channels
Social media channels can fall out of favor quickly.  That does not mean we should not invest meaningfully in those platforms that work best with our audience.  Those platforms should not be more than one part of our overall strategy.  Owning e-mail and print marketing and the list means never having to worry about what social network will fizzle or when the next search engine algorithm update might upend years of SEO gains.  (Well, we still have to worry about these things, and we do not have to worry about them being catastrophic to our marketing.)

 The key to all of this e-mail and print magic is relevance.
No surprise.  That is the key to all marketing today, no matter what the channel or current favorite communication platform.  Remember ‘My Space?’  If you want to reap the benefits of e-mail and print marketing’s power, show up in someone’s in-box or mail box with something useful or practical or interesting or inspirational or motivational to the recipient.  Definitely have something relevant to say that they want to hear.