Heart Doctors List to Keep Yours Healthy 

When you want to build muscle, you engage a personal trainer. When you want to build heart muscle, well, who better to treat, protect and feed the organ pumping literal lifeblood through your veins and arteries than a Cardiologist.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women and men in the U. S. – it is responsible for one in every four deaths.

Here are the Cardiologist List of heart healthy tips:

1. Get a Flu Shot Annually
2. Get a Physical Every Year
3. You Know, Do It – Sex!
4. 75 minutes of Weekly Moderately Intense Exercise
5. Keep the Sodium to a Minimum
6. Stay Away From Processed Foods
7. Eat Heart Healthy Fats
8. Limit Red Meat
9. Eat Plenty of Vegetables
10. Avoid Foods That Are Labeled ‘Low Fat’
11. Avoid Sugar
12. Partake In Meatless Monday’s
13. Meal Plan
14. Pump Iron Every Week
15. Put Your Mobile Telephone Down
16. Limit Stress Whenever Possible
17. Drink Coffee
18. Start Your Day Eating Protein
19. End Your Day With Protein
20. Yes, Eat Dessert
21. Try and Eat a Balanced Diet
22. Yes, Eat Eggs
23. Follow the Mediterranean Diet
24. Do Not Smoke
25. Do Not Vape or Use E-Cigarettes
26. Listen to Your Body
27. See Your Doctor If Something Changes
28. Keep a Food Diary
29. Do Tai Chi
30. Laugh More
31. Start Young
32. Volunteer
33. Do Aerobics… And Tai Chi
34. Get Your Seven to Eight Hours of Sleep Daily
35. Brush Your Teeth Three Times a Day
36. Floss Your Teeth at Least Once Every 24 Hours
37. Be Pro-Pooch

It’s impossible to follow everything on this list to the letter – that being said all of the little things you do or every little change you make can add up to big results. Questions? Now is the time to make an appointment with your Doctor, before it’s too late.