Over Delivering Customer Service Is Critical for Your On-line and Off-line Presence


Now that we are officially in the digital age you, as a business owner or a person working in a company and responsible for customer service, have to be conscious of and actively work with unhappy customers on-line and off-line.

How do I work with a dissatisfied customer?

If you are responsible for the unhappiness, a mixed-up or incomplete order or a late arrival, it makes just plain good business sense to do whatever you can to fix the problem.

What if the problem really had nothing to do with you?  What if the customer had a sick and tired child while ordering?  What if a dog owner contacts you on social media because they are worried that Fido was not better, even after the vet visit?

If you do not respond, most likely that customer is gone forever.  60+/- % of customers will take their business to another service provider after just one experience of poor customer service and if they leave a bad review, they could take more business.

Are you confused about how you could be giving poor service when you did not contribute to the perceived problem?  It is because you did not do the right thing by not responding.

What Exactly Is Good Customer Service?

Customer service is not just what you do for the customer — it is also as much about what you do not do.  An unhappy customer is actually a golden opportunity to showcase your customer service.

If you own a bakery, one option would be to offer the child a cookie to distract them while the Mom places her order.  For the Veterinarian service, respond to her comments with an offer to check Fido again.  These are examples of connecting your digital marketing to your real-world actions for great customer service.

You say “for free?”

Yes, free.  By acting at just the right moment, when it will make your customer’s experience a little better or easier, you are turning those products, efforts on social sites, and services into a currency called Social Capital.  Social Capital purchases customer loyalty in an era where customers have a number of service providers to choose from.

Customer retention and loyalty is the name of the game when it comes to business survival.  It is less expensive to work with existing customers than to gain new ones.  Studies have shown that three out of five customers will change from their current service provider or place of business in favor of another with better service, even without an unhappy experience.  Nine out of ten of those customers say they will gladly spend more money at a ‘small’ business that they feel provides excellent customer service.

You want to take an active role in responsive digital marketing and respond to every on-line post.  Respond to your customer’s frustrations and fears, even when you have already done what you are supposed to do.  Doing more is what will give you a win.  Doing something for a customer that they do not expect will have them feel great and remember you!

Why Is Short-Term Loss not important?

Keep in mind, when you work with an unhappy customer, on-line or off-line, you are making an impression on that customer.  You are also making and impression on every other customer who is watching you in the brick & mortar business and on-line.

Happy customers tell an average of 5 -6 people about their experience.  Unhappy or dissatisfied customers will tell on average of 20 people about their bad experience, not counting the on-line readers.

The right business choice is to absorb the short term hit to your bottom line now in order to make long term wins.

Why Is Doing What You Do Not Have To Do Important?

Choosing to take that short term hit in order to have a happy customer is the smart decision if you feel like the customer’s unhappy experience really was not your fault.

Another example, an experience I had at a local restaurant.  The menu offered Corned Beef Hash, and I did not know to expect the Corned Beef Hash was from a can.  Not wanting to eat it, I pushed the plate aside and focused on my wife and friends instead of the food.  

The wait staff came over and asked if everything was ‘ok?’  I asked if the Corned Beef Hash was made by the restaurant.  She confirmed the hash was indeed from a can.  She did nothing not even ask me if I wanted to order something else.  When the bill came they charged me for the entire meal including the Corned Beef Hash that I did not eat.  The wait staff clearly did not feel/think it was their problem and did nothing, even after I shared with them my dissatisfaction.  I never went back and that was 20+ years ago and I am still talking about it. 

The Takeaway.

It is just plain good business to have your customer feel satisfied, on-line and off-line by being responsive even when it was not your problem.  Remember you want to over deliver, that is what builds customer loyalty.

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