All Marketing Begins Here!

What Is A Persona?  ‘A persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal constituents, donors, patrons, legacy givers, fundraisers, event participants, volunteers, staff, advocates and ambassadors, based on market research and real data you collect about existing and potential donors and supporters.  Donor personas describe attributes of people your organization expects to engage with, and that will/can serve different departments within your organization.’ 


The Individual Donor.  What we know:

  • 70% of giving is by individuals
  • Individual giving is up 5.2% 2018 over 2017

Start With Interviews.

  • Interview existing donors because they have supported your mission and engaged your organization
  • Reach out to a variety

One-time donors

Recurring donors

Large gift donors

Some are likely to be a representation of your organizations ‘perfect donor’ or uncover a possibility of a missed segmentation

  • Get to know what inspires and motivates them, ‘What inspires or motivates you to support a cause or organization?’
  • Define how each donor gives and for what reason(s)
  • Be sure to be clear, when reaching out to these individuals that you are looking to them for feedback only, not soliciting donations, and let them know that you shall keep their personal information private.



  • Something catchy like Donor Deloris, Donor Dave for example
  • Use real photographs


  • Basic details about person’s occupation
  • Relevant background information; for example education, hobbies or passions


  • Gender
  • Age range
  • House Hold Income
  • Urban, Suburban, City dweller or countryside


  • Persona’s primary goals
  • Persona’s secondary goals


  • Persona’s primary challenge
  • Persona’s secondary challenge

How Your Organization May Help:

  • How does your organization help solve persona’s challenges
  • How you help your persona achieve their goals


  • Include at least three (3) quotes taken during your interviews that represent your persona

Common Objections:

  • Identify the most common objections, at least three (3), your persona will raise during the fundraising process


  • How should you describe your mission to your persona

Elevator Pitch:

  • Make describing your mission simple and consistent across each person in the entire organization


The above is simple, and not easy.  It’s time consuming, and data collection & analyzing intensive.  But create your persona and the search for your perfect client is over.  Now you will be able to name the persona and be able to share it with everyone, easily and quickly.  Need help or want to talk about your marketing?  Reach out to me, Péllo Walker at