Daily Digital Imaging offers mailing services to our customers as a convenient, easy and cost effective way of communicating with your current clients or prospective customers.

Using our mailing service you get your mailing list processed, CASS certified, printed addresses (no labels or smeared inkjet), removal of duplicate names and addresses in your list, US Postal presorting, delivered to US post office with required documentation and postage.

Why use DDI’s Mailing Service:

  • Convenience: DDI offers a 1-Stop solution for printing and mailing

  • Fast turnaround: Your print project is in the mail 2 days after print project is completed

  • No Sales Tax: No “Sales Tax” on materials mailed

  • No Shipping Charges: No “shipping charge” to have printed project shipped

  • No “Insurance” needed because there is no shipped material

  • List Certification: All lists over 500 names/addresses are CASS certified to ensure validity. Duplicate names and addresses are removed to ensure lowest postal costs

DDI offers the following printed products for mailing: Booklets, Brochures, Catalogs, Calendars, Envelopes, Greeting Cards, Newsletters and Postcards

Please note that we will add to your invoice the following charges for:

  • Mail List Merging services: $25 for each additional file imported
  • Sample(s): $25 handling/packaging fee + shipping charges for sample(s)
  • Clear Single Tabbing: $65 per 1,000 folded piece (1 tab per piece)
  • Clear Double Tabbing: $125 per 1,000 folded pieces (2 tabs per piece)
  • White Single Tabbing: $55 per 1,000 folded pieces (1 tab per piece)
  • White Double Tabbing: $100 per 1,000 folded pieces (2 tabs per piece)
  • Special Inserts: $0.20 per insert per piece
  • Special Mail List Production Programming: $100 per hour for programming needed to process a mail list that does not meet our mail list guidelines; Note: minimum fee is $50
  • Labels for printed pieces: $0.30 per label per piece
  • Inkjet Indicia: $35 per 1,000 pieces if customer does not use DDI indicia included in digital file
  • Rush Fee: 24 hours = 50% up charge; 8 hours or same day = 100% up charge

Mailing services are available in other quantities and products; for more information please submit a
custom request for quote

Mail Service Ordering information, tips and guidelines

A. When creating your print project, you want to be aware of the US Postal criteria guidelines to ensure a piece that will get mailed. This includes the appropriate indicia (presort standard mail permit box) with your design. Note: you want to consider these guidelines before submitting your print project for printing.

B. E-mail a low resolution PDF file containing your artwork and digital file to production@dailydigitalimaging.com and we will review your design and confirm that we can use it for printing and mailing. You may want to include a daytime telephone number in your e-mail where you can be reached in case we need to talk to you by telephone.

C. Receive a price quote for postal mailing service and postage using our on-line pricing system. We are happy to provide you a custom quote. You can choose which mailing service option works best for you.
For information, tips and guidelines please reference postcard page and brochure page

D. When placing your order on-line please use our postcard or brochure ordering guidelines

E. When selecting a shipper on the Order form, please check “Mailing Services”

F. When you are ready, please upload your design we will contact you as soon as “press proof” or PDF or ready for your approval

G. Please e-mail your order to customerservice@dailydigitalimaging.com with your Order number and your mailing list in .CSV file or an Excell spreadsheet.

H. DDI provides one (1) “press proof” with every print project order. Please let us know whether you want us to ship or mail you the “press proof”. Applicable shipping charges apply.

I. Once you have received the “press proof”, please review the “press proof” and return it signed, dated and write “OK to print” on the “press proof”; or if you want changes made please note the changes. We will start printing your project after we receive the signed off “press proof”. Your print project will match the “press proof” that we provide you.

Please allow at least 2 additional working days for your mailing.