The Forgotten Power of Handwritten Notes.

The business world is full of instant and electronic communication, and I swear by the power of the hand written personal note.

The next time you consider sending an e-mail or a text message to a client, customer, prospect or business colleague, take a moment to think about writing a personalized hand written note instead.

The writing of personal notes and letters has gone by the wayside with the information age, and we seldom make time to write a note.  This has however made the value to the rare hand written note more special to the recipient.

The key to writing hand written personal notes is having the right mindset.  Think of writing letters & notes by hand as opportunities, not obligations.  Whether commending, apologizing, consoling or answering a question, making the time to write it is more powerful and convincing than the message itself.

I make hand written personal notes a daily behavior.  I write a minimum of two notes each business day.  The notes have a powerful impact on people, whose reactions range from remembering me to framing the notes themselves.

Make the Time to Make It Personal

After each appointment with clients, prospects or business colleagues I write a hand written note.  There are lots of digital methods of communication, and my clients & business colleagues are inundated with them via those channels every day.  A hand written note takes time and it lets them know that they are worth the effort and valued.  Instead of sending my notes on store bought cards I send note cards with just my name and company logo; no business card just the note; sometimes I send an article that I feel/think that they would be interested in; that is as personal and professional as you can get.

An unscientific survey of my business colleagues and clients over the years has confirmed that hand written personal note communication is more effective than electronic digital methods.  I personally use hand written notes to reach out to prospective clients and to say thank you to strategic partners, business colleagues and clients.  E-mail’s like that are typically ignored and e-mail fatigue in the business world is high.  Personal hand written notes are hard to ignore and not invasive.

Writing hand written personalized notes or thank yous are creating and experience in my opinion as well as separating you from your competitors.  My effort is to have my clients, business colleagues and prospects feel special and appreciated.   I also send a ‘just because’ note cards and thank you notes throughout the year.

Make It Part of Your Culture

Sending hand written personal notes is a big part of our company culture.  I send hand written notes to every new person I meet.  It is a small personal touch that goes a long way.  Taking the time to send someone a hand written personal note or thank you or nice meeting you note can make the difference between a new client or not.

As well, notes are for clients, business colleagues AND employees.   One of my most enjoyable notes to write are sending You Are Appreciated’ notes to their homes.

I share and urge people to write thank you notes when they have had a coffee meeting, been given some advice or whenever a kindness has been shown.  Because hand written notes are very personal and not to mention more rare, they are much more appreciated.  The note does not have to be perfect, it does however have to come from the heart.  People will not remember what you said.  They will not  necessarily remember what you did for them.  They however will remember how you made them feel.

Share your thank you experiences and stories with and if you like we will post them as examples giving you and your company exposure.  Of course I will write you a thank you note if you do.